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animals feel reiki, too!

"I couldn't believe Wicca allowed you to offer Reiki while the kittens were coming. She's so calm, she's being a great mother." —Lyn Hoffman
"I was so impressed with the way you and Angie worked together. She's already noticeably more trusting and less restless." —Pam Leonard
"This was as much for me as it was for Rudy seeing my buddy go gently. Thank you for this unique experience. I'm sad but I'm not." —Carl Ewing


In-home Reiki and chakra balancing sessions
Behavioral visits
Pet-safe therapeutic grade essential oils, custom blends and hydrosols
Flower essences
Animal Reiki classes for beginners and attuned Reiki practitioners 

More people are turning to Reiki for their animal family members because of its safe, gentle, non-invasive approach and complement to other animal care. 

Kitten receiving animal Reiki

Reiki supports optimal pet health and wellbeing in all stages of life. It can play an important role as a healthcare method in everyday health maintenance to vital life force support in surgical and emergency care.

Reiki can help pets with both physical and emotional issues because it heals on all levels. This means that scars from fear, mistrust, anxiety, abandonment and histories of danger and abuse, can release. Emotional freedom and sense of safety in a new home favor smoother adoptions from shelters.

Animals are highly sensitive to Reiki so they do not necessarily require touching. They hover nearby receiving the energy distantly. When they have receive all they need they will disconnect from the space.

Someone holding a dog's head lovingly in their hands
The bond between person and animal is an unequaled magic.
It amplifies our abilities to thrive with nature and ground ourselves in its foundation. Human lives are infinitely enriched by the unyielding love from an animal. Animals are individuals.

They are sentient beings. 
Connecting with them means
being compassionate,

relinquishing control,
communicating honestly,
being present in the
moment, and
being humbled when relating with them.
It is, in its own way, a form of healing.  

how reiki helps animals

  • relaxes, calms, and reduces anxiety
  • softens stress from environmental change
  • encourages releasing shelter and abuse traumas, fears, and aggression
  • reduces and/or eliminates the need for behavioral medications
  • soothes overstimulation in high-alert service, working dogs, and show animals
  • consoles PTSD in war dogs, and supports better adjustment to life in a new home
  • relieves acute and chronic medical conditions and ailments
  • upholds strong pre-operative health and post-operative recovery
  • helps with pain managment reducing reliance on pain medications
  • supports healthy pregnancies and settles
    new mothers
  • eases age-related physical and emotional discomforts
  • gently assists through the dying process, avoiding suffering and euthanasia panic

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