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Reiki private treatment room

your healing space for nurturing
energy healing treatments in a
soothing and quiet sanctuary

Classes and workshops room

benefits of reiki


  • promotes relaxation, and reduces stress
    and anxiety
  • improves emotional well-being
  • imparts feelings of joy, peace and tranquility
  • provides comfort through trauma and grief, and assists with coping
  • encourages sound sleep habits
  • helps with pain management and reduces dependency on pain medications
  • enhances immune function by optimizing organ function and detoxing
  • eases side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • supports the patient in the operating room and through medical procedures
  • restores balance to energy centers by reestablishing physiological equilibrium
  • comforts through end-of-life care

your reiki session 

health, medicine,

mind, body, spirit

frequently asked questions


how long will my reiki session take?

Set aside 90 minutes for your initial visit. It includes discussing your concerns and goals. The session itself is about 45-55 minutes, with feedback following. You can choose a return visit of 75 or 90 minutes. A 50-minute session is an option for frequent treatments.
This stands out from most Reiki appointments which do not allow for spiritual coaching and the reiki session. Longer appointments mean addressing your concerns at a more relaxed pace, without sacrificing time spent on the Reiki treatment itself.  

what do i need to do before and after my session?

Wear comfortable clothing you can relax in. After your treatment, drink plenty of water. Try to observe how you have responded to Reiki in the days following. 

can reiki be harmful?

Reiki never harms. It can only help. It is gentle, painless, safe, and non-invasive. 

how many reiki sessions do i need?

You can never have too much Reiki. Since each person's needs and responses are unique, the number of sessions needed to resolve a condition varies. As with many treatments, from physical therapies to emotional therapies, Reiki is a process of healing. A single visit helps, but a series will more fully support desires for change. Effects are cumulative. Some people visit weekly, others monthly, and others come seasonally. Receiving Reiki with regularity is a great choice for nourishing one's overall wellbeing and wellness.

can reiki help heal emotional trauma and past events?

Our symptoms are the branches that grow from the true source of the problem—the root. Every cell in the body stores traces of memory in its nucleus as "cellular memory," the info-energy from our experiences that embeds in our cells and manifests in our tissues. It becomes a burden and weakens health. Memories, blocked emotions, and their physical symptoms, whether conscious or beneath our awareness, can be released through Reiki, enabling a person to create healing shifts and reconnect with who they are. We are gifted with no time frame on healing, so events can discharge and we can release what impairs us.

can reiki support my spiritual path and my self-discovery

Many people who are inviting in spiritual and soul journey guidance, use Reiki to support inner growth and spiritual expansion. This kind of exploration can blossom in the comfort of your own pace and readiness.

is reiki religious?

No! Reiki, is deeply spiritual; that which connects us to our higher selves and things beyond ourselves and the material. It is a meditative healing energy, so it cannot conflict with any religions. The meditative aspect of it is experienced by both the client and the practitioner.

can i receive reiki while under medical care?

Yes! The evidence from research is mounting that Reiki helps with many medical conditions. Some include: cancers, inflammation, stress and mood disorders, trauma recovery, neurological diseases, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery.

Since Reiki is non-invasive and can never harm, it does not interfere with conventional medical treatments and is offered as a meaningful complement in medical institutions worldwide. Patients who receive Reiki, along with conventional care heal faster, have less pain, mental attitude is more positive, reduction of pain medication, and coping with chronic ailments have better outcomes.

can a reiki master be part of my medical team?

A certified Medical Reiki™ Master can be with you throughout a hospital experience as your healing advocate and as an integral part of your medical team! The demands of surgery require the surgical team to focus on the medical process itself, not you as a person. A Medical Reiki Master is there for you and only you, offering Reiki the entire time, while you are under anesthesia and undergoing treatment.
This can instill confidence, create a sense of control over your own health, and offer a balm of tranquility amid worry, fear, and anticipation. Your Medical Reiki Master can go on doctor visits with you, offer Reiki pre-op and post-op, and be by your side at the most vulnerable and critical times. 

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