I am passionate about helping others be well. I believe in infinite potential for seeing our experiences through a lens that can shift us from them defining us to merely shaping us. It is my sincere honor to assist others in this process.

As we grow, we push ourselves up from the struggles to which
we have become attached. We emerge pure and awake. 
We spread our wings of joy and passion into
our new horizons that have always been within us.


Lifelong studies and practice of creative and holistic healing arts, coupled with
formal education in biological sciences and animal behavior, creates allopathic-holistic, body-soul approach; understanding how intentions birth when energy, anatomy and physiology, lifestyle, environment, the seen and unseen, and the soulful, converge in healing.

Diverse studies with esteemed teachers enable me to enrich other's desires for wholeness. My passion for understanding the human body steers me toward the new discoveries that are continually being revealed. Sharing these with my clients offers fresh possibilities for self-care.

I am graciously devoted to assisting others, both person and animal, in creating a life of elevated grace—the soul awakening to its spiritual origins in this Age of Light.

Earth Spirit traditions, Divine Feminine and Nature connection, herbs and oils, curative nutrition, Qigong, and expressive arts, are my places for nesting in wellness and joy. 

I am a devoted family member and friend, animal rehabilitator, and a "mother" of many animal children. I believe the energy of compassion and love is healing's most powerful instrument for preserving all Beings and the planet.

With Light and Lovingkindness,


Aziza is trained and certified in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Usui/Holy Fire, and Karuna Reiki.. She is a Medical Reiki Master in Integrative and Complementary Alternative Medicine, and a certified Sacred Childbirth with Reiki practitioner. Aziza is also trained in other energy medicine modalities such as Women's Qigong and Chakra Energy Balancing. Aziza has a Bachelors degrees in Fine Arts, Animal Behavior and Organismal Biology and Ecology, and bridges her science expertise with holistic wellness arts, uniting creative with technical. 

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