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I am passionate about helping adults, children, and animals, feel well and be well. That might mean steady self-care for overall health. Perhaps it's creating more dimension to a life of well-being. It might be exploring deeper aspects of self-discovery. I am honored to mentor one's journey of aligning inner and outer life in whatever way that is envisioned. 

Someone holding a nest in their hands
As we grow, we push ourselves up from the
struggles to which we have become attached.
We emerge pure and awake. 
We spread our wings of joy and passion into
our new horizons that have always been within us.


Aziza Doumani Reiki Master and Teacher

Our life's circumstances make up our healing path to balance. Seeing all circumstances as steps toward that balance enables us to compose awakened lives and discover our lightness of being. Infinite potential exists for seeing our experiences through a lens that can shift us from them defining us to teaching and shaping us. 

Even trauma and grief can be both a wound and gift, creating resiliency and wise trust in Love as our ultimate healers. As I have lived through times of my own pain—both physical and spiritual— I have made a pact with the truth that something is happening for me rather than to me. No one can imprison our spirit, not even ourselves. It is possible, no matter what, to find joy right where we are. I am the first to say it is not easy work. 

Experience, overcoming my own obstacles, lifelong studies of holistic healing, and formal studies inform my integrative approach to well-being. My focus is harmonizing allopathic and holistic, unpacking both the science and mystery of the human vessel. I acknowledge body and soul as one energetic force, blending the seen and unseen, and uniting them with the soulful and technical to birth intentions that converge in healing. 

Biology of belief and clearing cellular and ancestral memory are underpinnings that drive my perspective on release and transformation. Unaddressed, they tether us to our past, limit realizing our highest potential, and keep us from finding inner freedom.

Diverse studies with esteemed teachers have enabled me to enrich others’ goals for health and well-being with Reiki, chakra energy balancing, soul journeying and sacred birth and rebirth, end-of-life assistance, yoga nidra, and health and self-care coaching.

Additionally, plant medicine, angelic and animal spirit guide work, psychological and curative nutrition, and ceremony and ritual are woven into my work with clients and students, and my own self-care. 

With Reiki as the centralized focal point for my body of work, sharing multiple methodologies with my clients offers fresh possibilities and a full spectrum of options for their self-care. They also can inspire elevating our access to our true Being.

I am graciously devoted to assisting others, both person and animal, in creating a life of ease and elevated grace—the soul awakening to its spiritual origins in this Age of Light. I am called to make others feel safe enough to allow the gates of their hearts to open. 

I am a devoted family member and friend, animal rehabilitator, and a "mother" of many animal children. I believe the energy of compassion and love is healing's most powerful instrument for preserving all Beings and the planet. 

I hope to welcome you to my studio, as a client, student or both. May your path always be illuminated by Peace, Infinite Blessings, and the Light of Lovingkindness. To your highest health...

With much Love,


Aziza is trained and certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui/Holy Fire, Karuna Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki. She is a Medical Reiki Master in Integrative and Complementary Alternative Medicine, and a Sacred Childbirth with Reiki Master. Aziza is also trained in other energy medicine modalities such as Chakra Energy Balancing and as an end-of-life and Conscious Dying doula. Aziza has a Bachelors degrees in Fine Art and Organismal Biology and Ecology.

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