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Childbirth is a rite of passage for the baby, the mother, and the family.

Most women dream of a magnificent childbirth. They want to feel empowered and joyous about the birth rather than struggling. Nothing compares to spiritual flowing with the rhythms of your baby and body during the birth experience.

Using Reiki, couples (or single mothers-to-be) learn how to tap into the ancient birthing wisdom of the mother’s body, enabling them to work with her body to birth their baby in tranquility, empowering them as parents and deepening their bond.

The program consists of a one-day workshop where mother and birthing partner learn how to do Reiki on themselves and on each other. The emphasis of this training is nurturing, bonding, relaxation, and stress reduction.

Three to four follow-up sessions are done with each person where, using Reiki, birthing fears and unhappy past experiences related to birth and sexuality are released. 

Using Reiki as the tool and with the assistance of breathing and visualization techniques, the couple practices accessing the body’s ancient birthing wisdom to create the birth they desire.

The program works beautifully for those who are planning a pregnancy and would like to get pregnant free from overarching issues.

Often, women who have difficulty getting pregnant are held back from conceiving, sometimes, being unaware of the underlying causes. This program can help women, in all aspects and dimensions, release what is ready to present itself for deep and permanent healing to clear fertility blockages and conceive.


Sacred Childbirth with Reiki is a complement to prenatal care, and does not substitute for regular prenatal care with a doctor or nurse midwife.

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Planning a pregnancy?
Already pregnant?
Experiencing fertility issues?

Sacred Childbirth with Reiki can help you deeply relax, eliminate deep-seated anxieties, release blockages, and dissolve fears and trauma that are holding you back from getting pregnant or having an easeful birth.

Sacred Childbirth with Reiki

gives you the tools to:


  • relax and visualize with Reiki.

  • release blockages, fears and trauma that is holding you back from an easeful birth.

  • connect­ your brain and body to birth blissfully.

  • rehearse birthing your baby in pleasure and power.

  • receive specific labor support tools for your birthing partner.

  • become Reiki attuned to self-treat during and after your pregnancy, and to treat your beautiful new-born baby.

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