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Offering unique one-on-one learning opportunities through Practitioner Mentoring and Animal Reiki Internships


  why i teach reiki

  • i am a natural-born teacher. i love sharing and creating an atmosphere of healing, grace and superb instruction, and i am sincere in my intent and devotion to reiki.

  • i am graciously committed to my work and helping others — both person and animal.

I am honored to share this
transformative experience with you.

Students practicing

Students practicing in class

practitioner mentoring and internships

    Reiki Practitioner Mentoring & Animal Reiki Internship programs

All-inclusive, customized, one-on-one, hands-on learning experiences. Why be a mentee or intern?

Mentoring and internships make it possible for Reiki practitioners to gain expertise beyond the classroom and Reiki share or propel an existing professional practice forward. From scheduling an hour virtual session to several weeks of interning, mentoring or interning is highly motivating, and promotes confidence and authority in one's credentials and effectiveness as a Reiki practitioner at any level. 

Work one-on-one addressing your specific goals via online connection or in-person. You can also cultivate superior skills and gain unmatched exposure to practicing in a real-world situation and in professional wellness settings. A unique opportunity to experience, first hand, conducting Reiki treatments with bona fide clients, learn about operating a Reiki business, and test the waters as a private practitioner.

Fine-tune your practice • Make minor adjustments to approaches or techniques • Get business and marketing guidance • Immerse fully working with clients and give running a practice a trial run. 
Mentoring and Internship programs are ongoing and are scheduled upon request. 


reiki classes for children and teens

"Little Lightworkers" Children's Reiki


A magical class that connects children to their innate intuitive powers within!


Ages 6-8

2020 dates TBD

Ages 9-11

2020 dates TBD

Connect young children to their innate healing abilities so they can cultivate their self-care, self-awareness, and well-being.
Teach them that their natural state is one of health, happiness and peace. Support their understanding of their feelings, and experiencing ways to heal themselves. Guide them to embrace their natural intuition, and nurture compassionate care for others.

This unique class attunes children to Reiki Level 1, and exposes them to Reiki in fun, creative and easy-to-understand ways. 

Your child will explore techniques and ideas as a strong foundation for them to integrate Reiki and mindfulness into their daily lives.

Ages 6-8 $85
Age 6-8 sibling $80  
Ages 9-11 $105
Age 9-11 sibling $95  

A playful journey using games, imagination and encouragement in a loving and nurturing atmosphere. 

What experiences will there be?

•  Learning about Reiki and energy.

•  The Reiki precepts modified for young minds.

•  The chakras — our bodies are rainbows!

•  Listening to our bodies and inner voices.

•  Cultivating mindfulness and breathwork.

•  Building confidence and trust.

•  How does Reiki help us?

•  The Reiki Level 1 Attunement (initiation)

•  Turning Reiki on — when and how to

    use our Reiki hands.

•  Giving Reiki to ourselves and others.

•  Fun and creative activities to develop and

    integrate their Reiki abilities.


•  “Reiki is Fun. Reiki Helps Me.” children’s

    Reiki manual, with coloring  pages and                      deeper exercises for the older kids.

•  Little Lightworkers Introduction to

    Reiki Certificate of Achievement.

•  Healthy snacks (students should bring lunch).

"Teen Tribe" Usui Reiki First Degree for Youths

Ages 12-15


A powerful Level 1 Reiki class for teens, ages 12-15, to use for self-care, self-awareness and to cultivate a mindful and balanced lifestyle at a critical time in their young lives. Children will be with their own age group, and learn to serve themselves and others compassionately. Class style is fresh and paced for young teens.


2020 dates TBD

A fully comprehensive Usui Reiki Level 1 class exclusively for young teens. All Reiki principles and techniques taught in an adult class are presented here. Topics include: What is Reiki? • What is energy healing? • The chakras and our energy centers • The history of Reiki • The Reiki Ideals • The Usui Reiki techniques for self-treatment and treating others • Meditations designed for young people • Learning how Reiki can be used in everyday ways and to support challenges that face adolescents • Students receive their First Degree initiation (Attunement).

Reiki manual for home practice provided. Students should bring lunch. Snacks provided.

Limit 4 students  

$130 • sibling 
 Investment $140 

reiki classes for adults

New! Kundalini Reiki

Practitioner and Teacher Certification

Coming March 2020

Date and details announced mid-November

Usui Reiki First Degree (Level 1)

Become an energy medicine practitioner. Serve yourself and others in powerful ways with this gentle physical and spiritual practice for bringing balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

"Empowering, loving. Aziza guided us in a supportive way." —Ana Forrester, Washington, DC

"Mind blown! Loved it all! —Barb Fuller, Maryland


January 4 & 5  • 10am-4pm each day

February 8 & 9 • 10am-4pm each day

2-day FORMAT! Better pace, more info, more practice.

One of the most thorough Level I courses available.

Learn Reiki for relaxation and stress reduction, health and wellness, and a deep sense of healing and balance. Cultivate self-discovery, compassion, and wholeness within. This foundation class is for learners of all intentions: self-care, caregiver skills, spiritual expansion, career path, complementary medical and veterinary care, and continuing education for massage and bodywork, social work, and nursing professionals. Upon completion of class, you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself, others, and animals. What will you learn?

  • Reiki's rich history from Japan to its Westernization in the United States.

  • The body’s energy system and the nature of Reiki energy.

  • Dis-ease, illness, and how Reiki can heal.

  • Reiki’s use as both a formal healing treatment and in everyday living.

  • The formal hand positions for self-treatment and treating others.

  • Learning to scan bodily energy fields for using Reiki without hand positions.

  • Preparing yourself and establishing sacred space to give Reiki.

  • Explore intuiting the most effective treatment approach and using inner guidance for how and where to treat. 

  • Cleansing one's energy before or after a treatment and disconnecting from the Reiki session and client. 

  • Meditations and guided affirmations for establishing your energetically receptive state.

Most importantly, you will receive the Reiki First Degree attunement, the initiation that connects you with the Reiki energy source. Course includes lecture, demonstrations, discussion and hands-on experiences. Abundant practice time giving and receiving Reiki will ensure your thorough understanding of and confidence to perform a complete Reiki treatment on yourself and others, including animals.

Textbook included. Certificate of Completion is awarded. Small class size is highly personalized, and avails students of intimate connection and thoroughly commanding all aspects of the course.

Prerequisite: Passion for a balanced life.

Limit 6 students  

Private instruction and couples-only options. Inquire.


Level I Resit $95 • Jan. 4 & 5 

Usui Reiki Second Degree (Level 2)

"Aziza made this course exceptional!" —Racquel Knight, Maryland

"I loved my attunements! Aziza's kind and fun teaching style spoke to my heart." —Ashley Ganz, Washington, DC

November 16 & 17 • 10am-4pm each day CLOSED

December 7 & 8 • 10am-4pm FULL

Deepen your Reiki knowledge and skills with this Level II experience! Symbols and new approaches amplify your Level 1 energy.

What to expect from this class:

  • Three Usui symbols expand Reiki's power

  • Receive your Level II attunement with the symbols that will empower you to activate and use in treatments.

  • Explore Reiji-ho more extensively from Level I, for intuiting where to offer Reiki and now pairing the symbols with them.

  • The "Holy Love Experience" imparts divine love into your soul.

  • Practice using the three symbols and conduct complete treatments with them.

  • Explore Reiki mudras and chanting the Reiki symbols to strengthen the chakras and the symbols.

  • Get acquainted with documenting sessions on others.

  • Address basic practitioner business approaches.

  • One of the symbols is for distant Reiki, which we explore and then use to send Reiki to loved ones during a distant healing session in class.

Substantial practice time will ensure your knowledge of and abilities with the symbols, experiencing each one’s unique energy, and what they manifest. Learning materials included. Certificate of Completion awarded.

Level II • $275 • Nov. 16 & 17

Limit 6 students

Pre-requisite: Reiki Level I 

Private instruction and couples-only options. Inquire.

Resit $105 • Nov. 16 & 17
Level II • $275 • Dec. 7 & 8
Level I Resit $95 • Feb. 8 & 9 
Level I  • $260 • Jan. 4 & 5 
Level I  • $260 • Feb. 8 & 9 
Resit $95 • Dec. 7 & 8

    Usui Advanced Reiki Training (ART Level 3A • Advanced Practitioner)


"I'm so glad to have found this class. Aziza understands the passion for becoming an advanced but not wanting to teach." —Jill Neville, Virginia

"What a fun class! I left feeling empowered and radiant!" —Hillary Bohlen, Maryland

Elevate your Reiki growth as an advanced practitioner and embrace the highest level of Reiki before Master Teacher.

January 18 • 9:30am-5:30pm

The Usui Master attunement elevates you as an Advanced Practitioner/Master Practitioner. The Usui Master symbol amplifies your Reiki II symbols and increases healing. Learn to use grids and crystals for continual distance Reiki. Create additional healing opportunities in client treatment sessions with Aura Clearing and Reiki Healing Attunements. Learn the Dai Ko Myo moving meditation. The Ocean of Holy Love Experience installs divine love into your soul. Ample practice time provided to thoroughly integrate and empower. Certificate of completion awarded.

Limit 6 students

Prerequisite: minimum 4 months Level II and
full mastery of Level II symbols.

Instructor discretion on readiness can be a factor. 

Private instruction and couples-only options. Inquire.

Master Practitioner • $295 • Jan. 18

    Usui/Holy Fire  Reiki Master & Teacher (Level 3B • Master)


"Aziza is a very loving and knowledgeable teacher who takes time  to answer questions, and teaches from experiences, not just a book ." —Helen Najar, Maryland

"It was a spiritual, significant experience and I'm grateful for [Aziza]." —Eleanor Lewis, Maryland

A profoundly healing and activating class that will blow your soul away! This class is about so much more than teaching Reiki to others. Designed for your own personal awakening or for stepping into your role as a teacher. Do not let the teaching aspect of this class stop you from attending. 

March 26, 2020 (evening); March 28 & 29

March 26, 6:30-8pm; March 28 & 29, 10am-6pm  


Thursday: Holy Fire Pre-Ignition

Students receive the Pre-Ignition preparing them for the Holy Fire Master Ignition, releasing incompatible energies that will make room for the Holy Fire energy.


Saturday & Sunday: Master Teacher (Level 3B)

Receive two Holy Fire Master Ignitions • Receive the Healing Fire Ignition • Receive the Holy Fire symbol—a fifth symbol and meditation tool •  Several meditation experiences for elevation • Thorough explanations of the Usui/Holy Fire attunements and ignitions • Complete instruction on giving Reiki attunements for Reiki I, II, ART, the Pre-Ignition, both Holy Fire Ignitions, and the Healing Fire ignition • Information on developing and promoting your Reiki business • Fully comprehensive teachers manual and certificate of completion awarded. 

    Limit 6 students + 2 resit seats

Prerequisite: Advanced Practitioner Level 3A

Please have some documented treatments recorded to show your practice on others.

Master Teacher • $700

March 26, 28 & 29

Master Resit $245

Those resitting must have received their

ART/Master Certification through ICRT

animal reiki classes

let animals guide your reiki practice 


Advanced Animal Reiki Techniques for Practitioners 

"This was profound. Aziza walks her talk about animal Reiki. Glad she provides lots of tissues." —Meghan Wedgewood, Pennsylvania

No dates at this time.



Animal Reiki enables simultaneous healing of animals and yourself. Shift your practice to offer Reiki with heightened intuition and allow animals to be your teachers! What does the class cover? A blend of Western and traditional Usui approaches. Learn concepts and methods for offering Reiki to animals • preparing yourself and making a distant introduction • practicing with restraint • hands-on and hands-off concepts • inviting animals into the Reiki space • distant healing with grids, altar artifacts, and meditation • healing animals and pet parents in crisis • key animal behavior ideas to help assess home issues. Class includes techniques and meditations including the "Three Diamonds" and chanting the symbols ("jumon")—"sound which invokes a cosmic vibration." There's more: learn the animal chakras, chakra balancing techniques, sending distant Reiki to animals we love (here and beyond), and assisting pets through the dying process and comforting their pet parents. Discuss critical aspects of an animal Reiki business—treatment plans, documentation, house calls, the pet parent, fees, etc. You will be reattuned up to your most recent Reiki level, as receiving multiple attunements assists in expanding your light. Practice time on animals during class will help your confidence in working with animals who aren't your own pets.


Limit 6 students

Prerequisite: Level II (any lineage)  

Investment $275



preparing for class

Registrants receive details one week before class.

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Any balances are due one week before class. Registrants of Usui Reiki II must provide documentation of Reiki I completion with registration if Reiki I was completed with a different teacher. Animal Reiki  registrants must provide certificate of completion for last level completed. ART/Master registrants much provide proof of Level II certification if completed with another instructor. Students enrolling just in the Master Level must show proof of completing ART with another ICRT instructor. Karuna Reiki registrants must provide proof of Master certification if Master Level was completed with another Reiki teacher.


cancellation/refund policy for Master & Karuna Reiki
Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations are accepted up to 3 weeks prior to the class date with a 100% refund minus the deposit amount. Cancellations within the
2 weeks prior to class will receive a 75% refund minus deposit amount. Any time after that, payments in their entirety will be held and applied to the next available date of the same class or, depending on impact on class enrollment, forfeited in entirety unless a documented emergency occurs. The decision to apply payment to another class or forfeit fees is at the sole discretion of Aziza L. Doumani, LLC.
cancellation/refund policy for Reiki I and II and ART (Advanced Reiki)
Refunds are not available for Reiki I, II and ART. If cancellation is necessary, payment may be held and applied to another class within one year of purchase or used for private Reiki sessions. Cancellations made the week of class without a documented emergency will result in total forfeiture of payment. Decision to apply payment to another class or use for Reiki sessions is fully at the discretion of Aziza L. Doumani, LLC. 
cancellation/refund policy for Animal Reiki
Cancellations are accepted up to 3 weeks prior to the class date with a 30% refund. Any time after that, 100% of payment will be held and applied to another class within one year of purchase or forfeited in entirety unless a documented emergency occurs. The decision to apply funds to another class or forfeit tuition entirely, will be at the sole discretion of Aziza L. Doumani, and will be based upon the impact the withdrawal has on the class or the people and locations where hands-on practices are held.
For all classes, under all circumstances, individuals canceling more than once will forfeit 100% of fees. Classes cancelled for any reason by Aziza L. Doumani, LLC, will result in 100% of deposits and full payments refunded to registrants. Aziza L. Doumani, LLC, reserves the right to cancel or alter classes due to inadequate enrollment and to increase class size beyond posted class maximum.

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