inamojo™ is a fun and exciting holistic well-being program for boys and girls, ages 5-8.


It is designed to help children build skills to navigate life's challenges with deeper understanding and greater resilience.


The program is a series of 9 lessons in a series, each using a carefully-structured mix of stories, music, guided movement and creative art. Relaxation and emotional self-management techniques such as belly-breathing and mindfulness are also taught in these classes. Children absolutely love these classes!


The stories teach important life-lessons in ways that children can understand and find engaging. They get to ‘feel’ their way into each story by embodying the characters in music and movement, and express their feelings about the story in their own piece of magic circle creative art.


Classes follow a similar format each time, each one focusing on a different theme and learning experience.

inamojo unites the chakra system with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). These foundations drive the key developmental themes of each class. inamojo supports all learning styles.


Feeling the stories by embodying the characters.


Time to absorb the experience.


Teaching life-lessons through engaging, relatable stories.

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