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Chakradance is a unique movement practice for body and soul.


It is a powerful experience that is freeing and energizing. This dynamic moving meditation invites you to "dance" however you are inspired and guided from within in the moment.

You journey inward, allowing balance and healing to unfold as music tuned to each of the seven primary chakras guides you. 

It can be a great workout, and it can lead you through greater spiritual awakening. Whichever your interest, it can be a fun and unique experience that is all about your personal journey. 

Welcome to Chakradance!

Workshops coming in spring 2022!

Both live online and in person.
Check back for dates or add your name to the contact list.

Chakradance is a form of nourishment for your true self, for your soul. Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life.


In a softly lighted room, we move to music created to resonate with the vibrations of each of our 7 major chakras. We "dance" with our eyes mainly closed, and our attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance is about making a connection with our inner world—the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.


The experience is like a waking dream—we dance up forgotten parts of ourselves, and release the memories stored in our muscles. Our aches and pains reveal their stories and our hidden fears unmask themselves. The experiences are deeply personal and reflect our own nature and history, yet at the same time we tap into the collective heights and depths of human experience.

The role of the chakra system is to help regulate the human energy field, commonly known as the aura. The aura is a dynamic, energetic matrix, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.


Every human being has seven major chakras and each one influences an aspect of our lives. From our instincts, sexuality and personal power through to how we love, communicate, use our intuition and connect to our deepest source of spirituality. When you discover the power and the energy that resides within you, it is like coming home.  

 Drawing on the wisdom of Jungian psychology, Chakradance is a dance for healing and self-discovery. Each dance gives rise to different insights and feelings. After the dance, we use the creation of personal "mandala art" as a way of anchoring our experiences back into our conscious world.


Each dance leads us closer to the person we are truly meant to be.

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