Warm up to Autumn with Cozy Self-Care

How can autumn not feel romantic? Her ushering in of brilliant colors, the sun’s magical dapple transforms dying leaves into sparkling jewels of red, orange and yellow. Enticing earthy aromas, cozy fires, and pumpkins, resonate like a storybook. Suddenly there’s a raw chill in the air or even an early snow! The weather sweeps from one extreme to the other and you find yourself wrapping up in blankets rebuffing raw cold. As our season turns brisk, most of us feel a natural pull to quiet our lives, turn inward and temper everything down. All the tools availed of our modern society keep us firing on all cylinders year-round. Unfortunately, it imposes a pace on us that’s counter to our overwinte

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aziza doumani reiki & wellbeing

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reiki master teacher & practitioner  • wellbeing mentor

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