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Awakening Under the Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon blessings!

It’s time to reap what you’ve sown and prepare for a fresh start.

This year the Harvest Moon displays its brilliance on September 24 and 25. Also called Barley Moon, Singing Moon, Fruit Moon, or Mulberry Moon, by any other name, its common theme is the final great harvest of the year after months of hard work.

Harvesting crops can be a metaphor for our spiritual sentience. Consider all that you've planted and tended through spring and summer leading you up to now. What has blossomed and fruited from your work? When we pull up the remains of our gardens, we rework the soil readying it for more—we create a clean slate for new seedlings and growth for this season’s bounty.

How can you tie up loose ends and create a fresh space for entering into this season anew? As the summer fades, we can honor what we have, and till our spiritual soil for new growth and manifesting renewal for the season to come.

Full moons in general, as cycles, give us a chance to break cycles by shedding light on them. Harvest Moon energy, especially bright, can reveal even more of what we have hidden in the shadows, and bring it into the light. The more we bring into the light, the less we have to fear. When we shed light on things, we are able to see them for what they really are. We discover those shadowy memories and events do not have the power we believed they did.

Harness the energy of this powerful moon for nesting in a space of gratitude for what the harvest has brought you, and the opportunity to release and heal by honoring the past and healing the shadow self and old wounds.

This is a good time to accept the invitation of the moon’s healing light. Receive an energy medicine treatment such as Reiki around the time of a full moon to fully open chakras, get grounded and centered, and access higher frequency vibrations. Do some crystal rituals, meditations, recite some prayers for enlightened love, or ask for Divine guidance in potentiating metamorphosis. Even simple self-care and pampering that enables you to discharge busyness and settle into quietude of inward listening can be a potent connection.

Full moon rituals can connect you to Divine Wisdom and ignite deep healing . You can invite in Sacred Energies and Healing Beings of the highest order to assist you in healing and seeing clearly in all dimensions.

This is a powerful time to express gratitude for what you have received, including the challenges that have created meaningful shifts for you. Then ask for the vessel you are to be filled (or re-filled) in perfect balance and harmony. What did you see as blessing recently? Are you joyful for friends and family? Did a traumatic event lead you to look at or live your life differently? What would you like to increase? What do you want to let go of? Is there something you desire to be illuminated for you?

The Harvest Moon is deeply spiritually significant in so many aspects, so use her cosmic Power to help you clear your path, embrace all you've worked for, and manifest abundance that potentiates your highest purpose for you to share with others.

All full moons avail you of a powerful time of gratitude and transformation, No matter what time of year. So even if you miss out on a Harvest Moon healing ceremony, you can create greater amplification and letting go with each full moon the universe brings, gracefully surrendering what has held you back from your soul’s purpose, and illuminating all that lights the way to your Highest Self.

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