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Clearing Cellular Memory: Turning to Reiki for Deep Healing

Every cell in the body contains DNA. It also stores traces of memory in the nucleus. Accidents, illness, arguments, abuse, grief, stress, and unsettled struggles become embedded as “cellular memory.” Cellular memory is the info-energy from our experiences that is stored in our cells and manifested in our tissues. It becomes our story and weakens our health.

Underlying events as the source of disease are tenets of Myofascial Release, acupuncture, reflexology, and Reiki. Symptoms are the branches that grow from the true source of a problem — the root.

Events that have long since been buried emerge upon present day triggers. The results can be visceral responses of rage, depression or fear. Migraines, insomnia, digestive problems, and gynecological disorders correlate to prolonged stress. Muscle and joint discomforts emerge from forgotten incidents. Undiagnosed pain and chronic and life-threatening illnesses are by-products of unresolved suffering.

Healing can relate to something we can’t see or haven’t considered. It involves healing the symptom itself, and healing the undermost condition that led to the symptom. Blocked emotions and their physical symptoms can be healed through energy work. This means receiving deeper healing than what you feel or see on the exterior.

When our bodies discharge toxic energy and trauma at the cellular level we eliminate what impairs our wellbeing. Memories beneath one’s awareness can be released through Reiki, guided visualizations, and aromatherapy (which stimulates the brain’s storehouse for emotions and memories), enabling a person to rewrite their story and regain their state of balance.

Our bodies strive to be well, and we are gifted with no time frame on healing. What avails us is optimal health and the best version of our whole and perfect selves.


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